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Bristol Sweet Mart was established in 1978 by late Mr.Kassam Majothi, a Ugandan refugee who, with his family, immigrated to the UK during the reign of Idi Amin.

With previous experience in merchandising and with limited funds, Mr.Kassam Majothi started the business as a humble one-shop family business selling Indian sweet meats and home-made foods in Easton. Since then the business has grown both in strength and size, expanding down St. Marks Road in Easton.

Upon entry into St. Marks Road, one cannot help but notice the lively activity within the business’s vicinity. Located within the heart of a vibrant local community, the business boasts a retail department, a wholesale department, and its latest expansion, a unique concept Deli. Its product range has expanded to include specialist Indian foods and spices as well as a range of fresh produce and groceries. It stocks 8000 different products across the food sector in store, some also being distributed via its online shop. It supplies to about 40% of the Indian restaurant and take-away trade and to other specialist food outlets within and in the peripheral towns of Bristol.

Fondly known as ‘Sweetmart’ by its large base of loyal customers who seldom fail to convey the excitement of their shopping experience, the ‘Sweetmart’ is conveyed as the ‘Aladdins cave of foods’. The business has received extensive local and national media coverage for its success, which is attributed to three simple principles: meeting customer needs, clean and hygienic premises, and the large range of food products, with the staff having a vast knowledge on these products.

The Bristol City Council has recognised the late founder of Bristol Sweet Mart for his contribution, and a plaque has been created in honour of his achievement.


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