Deli has been providing delicious food and snacks to the people of Bristol since 2009. Authentic Indian food cooked on the premises using fresh ingredients and slow cooking method. Slow cooking allows the flavours of the ingredients to infuse and work their magic. This results in a delicious treat. We use our own Branded Spices and blend mixes which makes the food unique.

Alongside Curries and Snacks, Authentic Indian Sweets can be bought from the deli.

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Our Deli Food

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Royal Sweets

Royal Sweets

Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes are informal , involving and informative. Hence cooking concept and engaging

You get to take away not only the experience but also what ever food you have prepared , enough to share with someone.

The classes are delivered by our headchef and assisted by two in house chefs. Therefore, you shall always have the attention when needed.

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Our Recipes

Our recipes are passed down from our elders and have been kept with in our family. These recipes are part of our everyday food.

Recipes are made with high quality spices and ingredients, creatively modified to give the same authentic taste with less work and in less time.

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Our Catering

We have catered food for and continue to cater for all sort of events, from small office meetings to big wedding parties. Most of our orders are from repeat customers and word of mouth. We pride ourselves for the high standard of quality, taste and consistency of the food we supply in our utmost professional manner.

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