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Fondly known as ‘Sweetmart’ by its large base of loyal customers who seldom h fail to convey the excitement of their shopping experience , the ‘Sweet Mart’ is conveyed as the Aladdin’s cave of foods’.

Carrying over 9000 products including fresh produce, dry food and kitchen equipment, the product range is exhaustive.  We have managed to bring different products from all the 7 continents under one roof. BSM not provides diverse products but also the staff is full of knowledge about those products.

Why Shop In-store

Due to the nature of some products like Fresh produce and frozen products, you will not find them in our Online Store.

Countinents under one roof
Different products to choose from which means that you will be able to find all the food related products under one roof.
Fresh Produce and Local Products. We have huge range of products that are produced locally and are not available in any Supermarket like Ice Cream and Chocolates. Apart from that, the fresh produce itself is worth a visit.

Our Departments

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The Brand

We have put our experience and sheer hard work in bringing premium and high quality products to our customers under the brand name. We offer products ranging from spices to wholefoods.

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Mon – Sat : 9am – 7pm

Sun: 11am – 5pm